In the current context can we think of a society without banks? It is quite difficult, is not it? Banks are financial institutions which provide you various money services. The initial functions of banks were limited to maintaining your wealth and offering funds to the crisis. However, banks of the new generation provide the immense opportunities. The today’s situation suggests an amicable relationship between the client and the institution in which both are rewarded.Check out this website for further details about My Payment Savvy - billing and payment solutions.

With international money transfer services, you can send and receive money worldwide without the constraints of time and space. You can make online International payments without delay. Obviously, it is one of the new services put forward by the banks. Indeed this has made transactions of money very comfortable, efficient and transparent than traditional methods of money transfer.

Bank transfers are reliable but they are also costly and time consuming. Full Article…

Groupon kicked off its “Groupon Rewards” program, allowing to unlock special Groupon deals from your favorite local businesses through repeat visits. After spending an amount set by the merchant, you unlock the ability to purchase a special Groupon for that business. This is in addition to Groupon’s “Daily Deals” and “Groupon Now!” real-time deals to create the first complete suite of marketing services for local businesses.

Thousands of people are dealing with payments due with the help of payday cash advance; the fact that payday loans are generally affordable makes this particular financing option even better. Aside from the instant approval and low cost, there are a number of additional benefits you can enjoy when you decide to use a payday cash advance.

For starters, you don’t have to worry about repaying the loan or missing the payment date. Most payday cash advance lenders now automatically deduct the payment out of your paycheck when you cash it in; with the help of ACH transfer and direct debit, this auto repayment system is used by over 80% of payday cash advance lenders in the country.

Aside from being affordable, the cost of using payday cash advance is also very straightforward. Y

Logica India, the Indian unit of European business and service company Logica, is designing a product for payment systems for the regional rural and Cooperative banks in India.

The Global Director of Innovation & Marketing Director at Logica India, Mr. G. B. S. Bindra said, “There are banks which do not have the budgets and income to buy payment systems. For them we would like to introduce a transaction-based model where banks would pay for the number of transactions routed through the system rather than for the system itself.”

Considering the conservative attitude of the banks, the system will be operated from the banks’ premises.

Mr. Bindra said, “We are presenting a paper to the banks on this.”


When consumers have jobs, apparently they pay their bills! Who knew!? January unemployment was consistent with dropping December figures, falling an additional .2% to the .1% in employment gains the month prior to now stand at 8.3%. In conjunction, credit card delinquencies and chargeoffs remained low, falling from the December figure 31 basis points of 5.64% to 5.33% to the lowest point in nearly four years. The unemployment rate has been stuck at 9% or higher throughout 2011 while chrageoffs are consistently well below the 6% mark- compared to the figure 18 months ago- since current losses have been reduced by half. This also is 36% lower than the year ago figure of 8.37%, to which the COF rate has not since rebounded. The number of long-term unemployed accounted for 5.5 million of the unemployment rate for January, compared to the 5.6 million in December.

The one thing you won’t hear expats complaining about in Dubai is the lifestyle!  The emirate as a whole has developed a strong tourism-based economy, and as a result the attractions and amenities on offer in Dubai are inimitable; and naturally all residents can benefit.

From a range of theme parks to private beach clubs, from incredibly opulent shopping malls to cinema complexes and an abundance of restaurants, Dubai really does have it all.

The first thing many British expatriates worry about is whether the emirate is dry however.  Well, the good news is that expats over the age of 21 are permitted to drink outside the home in licensed bars such as those in some hotels and private clubs for example, and they are allowed to have alcohol for personal consumption in the home as long as they have a liquor license.

Obtaining a license isn’t difficult.  You have two ways of going about it.  The first way is the easiest!  Your employer handles the application for you.  The second is that you do it yourself by going to one of the branches of the two dedicated retailers who are allowed to sell alcohol in Dubai, these are MMI and A&E (there’s an MMI at the Mall of the Emirates for example). 

You need to be non-Muslim and you will need to be able to prove that you are a resident in Dubai. 

Ask a member of staff or go to the till and ask for an alcohol licence application form.  When you complete the form it’s sensible to add your spouse’s name and details as well if you will both want to be able to use the licence.

You will need to take the completed application form to your employer to sign and stamp and then you can hand it back at any branch of MMI or A&E and they will process if for you through the police department.  You’ll need the usual passport copies, passport photos and copies of your residency visa too. 

If the requirements are not clear on the application form, just ask a member of staff who will advise you.

When you hand the form back at the shop, retain the tear off strip from the application form as you re-present this when you go to collect your licence.  When you hand your application in remember to ask how long it will take to process as times differ depending on the time of the year!  You will be charged around Dhs 200 for the processing of the application.

Once you get your licence back you’ll know how much alcohol you’re allowed to buy as this is restricted by the police department based on your salary and their discretion. 

For most people the limit is fine and manageable, but if you’re planning a party you will need to stockpile for a few months in advance! 

Alcohol prices in Dubai are high because alcohol is taxed at about 30%.  There is literally zero tolerance for drink driving – so don’t think you can get away with just a quick half before getting on the road.  If you’re stopped and caught out the penalties are high.  You’re not supposed to transport alcohol in a taxi or on public transport – and in theory you’re even supposed to have a license to be able to consume alcohol in a licensed bar.

In practice we’ve never heard of anyone being asked to provide a license – and as tourists can’t get a license (you have to be a resident) and they freely buy alcohol, although in doing so they are theoretically breaking the law, you can see why this particular rule is not enforced.

Beyond drinking, there is plenty more to do in Dubai.

If you like shopping there’s the annual Dubai Shopping Festival with its incredible events, competitions and prizes.  It takes place at the start of the year and includes all sorts of additional attractions such as impressive fireworks displays for example. 

For the rest of the year you can visit the malls – and whilst the shopping options in Dubai aren’t particularly exceptional, (they’re the same products you can buy anywhere in the world), the malls are worth visiting as many of them are attractions in their own right.

Take the Mall of the Emirates for example, it has it’s own indoor ski slope!  Then there will be the Mall of Arabia that’s purported to be opening in 2012 and which will feature a dinosaur park!  Or how about Souk Madinat Jumeirah with its waterways? Having shopped ‘til you’ve dropped, perhaps you’d like to have somet

India’s own payment platform RuPay has finally found way to hit the commercial platform and reach out to customers. Lenders namely State Bank of India, Bank of Baroda, Bank of India and Union Bank of India have finally introduced debit cards which are associated with RuPay as the payment service provider.

The inception of RuPay has taken place through National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI). RuPay has been launched in the lines of global payment service providers like MasterCard and Visa.

RuPay debit cards will find acceptance across 91,000 ATMs and more than 6 lakh point of sale (POS) terminals all over the country.

RuPay credit cards are expected to hit the market by 2015, expects NPCI.

“Smaller banks which were not in a position to join the card payment system due to high cost of initial participation fee and quarterly minimum processing fee would henceforth be able to participate in RuPay because there are no such fees under RuPay,” said Mr A.